Moonstruck Farms

Moonstruck Farms is a self-sustained biodynamic farm here in the small town of Phelan, California residing at 4,500 feet.   Our goal is to form a connection between us and our community moving one step closer to a self-sustained community thus resulting in a  stronger healthier community and economy.   For local farm fresh produce, fruit, flowers and meat please e-mail   This site is no longer being maintained please find us at  

Moonstruck Farms opened in Spring 2008 in Phelan, California with a small 20x40 greenhouse.  We now have an additional 20 x 100 and approximately 4,000 sf of outdoor fields.    We are not certified organic, but use only organic methods to provide you with the freshest, safest, healthiest produce available.  We are a biodynamic farm since our farming methods result in a healthier environment here at the farm and thanks to our animals we are now self-sustained meaning we do not need to go elsewhere for our fertilizers.   

In the egg area our “girls” are a variety of breeds from Rhode Island Red to Barred Rock. Our brown egg layers are fed from right here on the farm to provide you with the freshest and highest nutritional quality eggs possible in additional to standard feeds to maintain their health and vigor.  In addition the farm uses a cover crop by the name of vetch that is high in protein and the hens absolutely love it (and it is easy to harvest, which I love).  As a result of this kind of diet their eggs have higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin A, folic acid and carotenoids and lower cholesterol.

Thank you for supporting our local farming community.

Rowena McDermott

Moonstruck Farms

(760) 412-9746